Avoid These Honeymoon Booking Fails

The honeymoon is considered a much needed rest after several months of planning and thinking about the wedding. For some couples, it is also their grandest trip ever since majority of them will be travelling for the first time as couples. It might sound as a vacation in paradise but there are a lot of things that could go wrong especially if the booking is not timed properly, the budget is not enough and other issues that may arise. Here are some tips to keep in mind when booking your honeymoon and make sure you avoid these to have the trip of a lifetime.

– Number one mistake most couples make is delaying to book their honeymoon. The ideal time to book is around six to eight months before the wedding. This is important if you plan to go to a luxury resort since almost all premium accommodations will be booked first. Procrastinating should be avoided since many airlines are now merging thus offering fewer flights, high prices and not to mention the long layovers.

– Wedding planning is a process done by both the bride and groom. They share the responsibilities and the expenses. With honeymoon planning, one of the common mistakes is that only one party is booking and deciding. The couple will then end up in a holiday that is only suited for that one person’s taste or preference. It is important that the couple should share the planning on their honeymoon.

– After the stress brought about by the wedding, some couples may resort to following what other couple friends they know did on their honeymoon. This could result to a huge problem since the other couple’s taste might be different from yours.

– Be specific when it comes to planning. An exotic destination could mean many things so be clear on what you want so you and your partner can book accordingly.

– Do not depend on the internet when researching about your honeymoon. Firsthand experience from people you know or a local travel agent is a more reliable option. Plus, internet search can be time consuming. If you are planning to go to a Hua Hin luxury resort then ask someone who have travelled there or travel agent advertising the same destination.

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