A Unique Adventure Awaits You In Liveaboard Diving


The emerging trend nowadays for liveaboard cruising is larger and better equipped yachts but many divers still opt for smaller dive boats that can take them to remote dive sites. Cruise yachts often carry a large number of tourists particularly during peak season that it becomes too crowded. A small liveaboard boat is sometimes a better option because it pays more attention to your desires and you enjoy a more unique experience.

Small liveaboard boats carry fewer passengers. They can be privately chartered for a small group of likeminded friends. Large cruise ships can carry from 10 to 30 guests to enjoy a luxury vacation in the waters. Liveaboard trips tend to last to for a few days usually from 4 to 5 days which means that you can dive as many times as you want within a day. In terms of costs, you get a better deal from the liveaboard boats because they are definitely less expensive.

Since cruise ships can accommodate many guests; lack of privacy usually becomes an issue. However, it is more than made up for the luxurious and comfortable accommodations including personalized attention. In a small liveboard boat, you develop close friendships with the group including the captain and the crew which makes the diving trip a lot more fun.

Most liveaboard boats can take you to remote diving sites to enjoy an adventurous diving experience. There are many diving sites that have become a popular destination for divers. Similan islands have not been exposed to mass tourism yet and you are guaranteed of a magnificent piece of natural beauty beneath the waters.

The cost of a trip on a liveaboard diving boat varies dramatically according to the size of the boat, the amenities and quality of the vessel. The price you will pay for the trip includes a room, 3 meals a day, towels, linens and other amenities including personalized service.

A unique adventure can be experienced aboard the Thailand Dive and Sail. Diving from the liveaboard boat will allow you to explore the beauty and magnificence of the underwater world of the Andaman Sea. Book now and don’t miss the opportunity of a relaxing vacation.

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