A Look At High Altitude Jobs Across The World

With the recent construction boom in Sydney, the demand for high-rise workers to paint, repair, and maintain buildings have risen in accordance. This is good news for the rope access painting in Sydney business, with more potential work sites for the field.

Problem is, they’ve hit a bit of snag; as there seems to be a slight shortage of people with the courage to work several hundred feet off the ground for a paycheque. That being said, there are people all over the world who’s ‘day at the office’ happens to involve being several stories above the Earth with several safety harnesses strapped to them. Here’s a look at some high-altitude work beyond rope access painting in Sydney, from places across the world.

Repairs on Christ the Redeemer

If there’s a movie set in Rio de Janeiro, expect a shot that puts the Christ the Redeemer statue in the city in full view. Of course, what most movies won’t show is the hard work that goes into making sure this icon is postcard quality. Back in 2014, lightning storms managed to do some damage on the statue chipping two fingers, as well as part of the head. The monument remained open to the public during repairs, and, as testament to the bravery of workers, tourists flocked to the monument, both for the experience of visiting such an icon, and to see the workmen in action.

Painting the Golden Gate Bridge

Speaking of iconic landmarks that show up in fictional works all the damn time, you can say San Fran without thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge. Lovingly displayed in hundreds of movies like Dirty Harry and The Social Network, and lovingly recreated in video games like Driver: San Francisco, much like Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, what media usually fails to point out is how the Golden Gate retains it’s iconic orange colour. The answer is, of course, painters. Brave folks who climb the bridge’s sides and work on the causeway under the hot California sun, safety harness around their waists and paint brush in hand, all to make sure the Golden Gate Bridge stays as golden as possible.

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