A Guide To Choosing The Best Wellness Holiday

A holistic retreat may become a life changing experience. However, there are many options which are so unique like a traveller, so choosing the best wellness holiday that suits you can be very daunting especially in Phuket, where there are hundreds of retreats available for you.

It is really best to put all those brochures down and take time to think about what you want or need from a holistic retreat. The guide below can help you be a step closer to picking your perfect wellness holiday.

The reasons to go on a holistic retreat

If you want a unique holiday, a holistic retreat is a perfect solution.

• You can attain that healthy afterglow which outlasts a tan.
• With the many options to unplug, you will be able to focus on having a healthy lifestyle and on your specific wellness goals.
• Whether you desire to focus on meditation, Ayurveda or yoga, a normal day involves a mix of wellness activities, fitness classes and spa treatments.

The types of retreats

• You can choose from healing, detox and spa to Pilates and yoga.
• You can choose to focus on problem areas with different wellness programs like sleep well, weight loss, stress relief and anti-ageing programs.
• If you have not experience yoga before, you can go with a general spa holiday that has a mix of exercise and yoga classes. Otherwise, there is a dedicated yoga holiday, too.

The best time for a holistic retreat

• You can plan ahead. Often times, there are great deals in the off-peak months.
• Check these times so the retreat is not going to be super crowded for that peaceful experience.

How you want to eat

You have to consider the level or type of healthy eating you want to attain. Then, you can go home with no holiday bulge.

• You can aim on overhauling those unhealthy eating habits during a detox holiday. You can start the weight loss with juice diets, macrobiotic or raw food in order to cleanse the body.
• You can learn the ways to continue with healthy eating once home with some educational seminars or cooking classes.


Hopefully, this guide will give you an idea about your upcoming Phuket holistic retreat. Good luck!

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