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Tips For Your Wedding In Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island located in the southern part of Thailand. It is one of the most popular wedding venues for couple who are searching for an exotic locationRead More >

The Different Types Of File Cabinets

There are many benefits to having file cabinets in the office. Filing Cabinets help with keeping things organized. These are where important documents and papers are kept, all in aRead More >

Introduction To Laser Tag

If you haven’t heard about laser tags before, it is one of the most popular games nowadays. It does not only promote teamwork but also builds fellowship among the playersRead More >

Thailand’s Golf Tourism – A Resilient Industry Amongst Many Other Tourism Market In The Country

Barely three months ago, were bombs detonated in popular resorts in Phuket and Hua Hin on successive dates. It inevitably raised concern and panic, especially among the hospitality and tourismRead More >

Exploring Tokyo on Foot


The best part of traveling is opening your heart and mind to new experiences. You will meet different people and you will experience various cultures. Travelling however can also become a challenge because you have to ensure that you do not get lost during your tour around a city.

I arrived in Japan on a Friday afternoon and after the long flight I was just too eager to get out of the airport and experience the city of Tokyo. My friend James was patiently waiting for me and we quickly got out of the overcrowded airport to take a bus to where he lives. All around us were thousands of cars and people and it was simply overwhelming.

James accompanied me on the tour around the city. I don’t think I am prepared to face the challenge of visiting Tokyo alone because I would surely get lost in the huge crowd. We walked to the Imperial Gardens and then to the Ginza Shopping Market where we ate a late breakfast at a tiny Ramen Noodle restaurant that tasted authentically Japan.

From there we took a bus to the other side of Tokyo that looks almost like New York Times Square at its busiest. There we met with some of James friends so that we can try the hundreds of vending machines that we found in almost every corner of the arcade. We also tried some of the video games and paid for an hour at a private karaoke booth.

Afterwards, we ate at one of restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisine. The meal was typical Japanese with sushi, oysters, rice with miso soup and tempura. Without much hesitation, I grabbed my chopsticks and started on the sushi. It tastes different from the sushi served in Japanese restaurants back home.

Tips For Your Wedding In Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island located in the southern part of Thailand. It is one of the most popular wedding venues for couple who are searching for an exotic location abroad for their big day. Tourists started flooding in Koh Samui after it has been discovered by backpackers several years back. Since then, it has been looked into as a good wedding venue for those wanting an exotic themed wedding. Several years after bringing it into the spotlight, the island has been developed and now offers world class facilities as well as different type of accommodations for every kind of traveller. There are many wedding packages offered by various resorts in the island which could be overwhelming for a couple to decide on their own.

More and more couples are deciding to get married in Samui. This is the reason why wedding resorts are trying to improve and upgrade their organizational skills in order to meet the demand and expectations of the couples as well as their guests. There are many options to choose from when it comes to service providers, location and wedding services. One of the benefits of availing a wedding package through a resort is that quality is assured through the reputation of the resort as well as the feedbacks from previous guests.

If you are planning for a wedding in Koh Samui, you have two major options before you – private luxury villas and wedding boutique resorts. They both have different advantages to offer and they can be relied on when it comes to location, privacy, personalized service as well as amenities that are exclusive for their guests. The facilities inside the resort are accessible to all the guests of the resort such as spa, swimming pool, bar, restaurant and health club. There are even services that are included in the wedding package in which the guests can enjoy for free or at a discounted rate.

One of the major reasons why many beachfront resorts and hotels are on top of the couple’s list is the access to the beach. Koh Samui wedding resorts are ideal if you want a wedding in a sandy beach with coconut trees all over the place, not to mention the clear blue water.

The Different Types Of File Cabinets

There are many benefits to having file cabinets in the office. Filing Cabinets help with keeping things organized. These are where important documents and papers are kept, all in a single place that is easy to access.

There are various choices for file cabinets. Keep reading to know about the different types.

Metal file cabinets

A lot of people choose these metal file cabinets as traditional office furniture. They are very durable and last a long time when properly maintained. Before, they were only available in black, grey or tan. Now, they have evolved over the years and are already available in vibrant colors.


Wooden file cabinets

Wooden file cabinets are of the same function as metal cabinets. They are just as durable, too. They also protect important documents. Additionally, they come in many colors. To make an office atmosphere more welcoming, warm cherry wood is great. To add a modern look to an office, dark or espresso-colored wood is a good choice.


Wicker file cabinets

Although not as sturdy compared to metal or wooden file cabinets, wicker file cabinets are useful pieces. Their frames are normally metallic with their basket or tray made of wicker. They are used for aesthetic purposes, mostly. They bring a laidback atmosphere and are seldom used in a professional office. They are mostly used at homes.


Rolling file cabinets

Rolling file cabinets are good for short term storage. They lack the hard shell found in metal cabinets, but they still keep those documents safe. They are perfect when you need to move some files to a different room when making copies or doing presentations.


Vertical file cabinets

Vertical file cabinets are tall and their slender frames make it easy to store documents in a corner. Most of them have 3 or more drawers.


Lateral file cabinets

Lateral file cabinets, also known as horizontal file cabinets, have wide drawers used in storing oddly shaped documents. They can store more than vertical file cabinets.



Now that you are equipped with the information regarding the types of Filing Cabinets, you can already choose one that best suits your office furniture or storage style.

Introduction To Laser Tag

If you haven’t heard about laser tags before, it is one of the most popular games nowadays. It does not only promote teamwork but also builds fellowship among the players of the game. The activity is safe and will surely provide a lot of fun for all ages. It can be played in various events as well such as parties, family gatherings, corporate retreats and many others. It is best played if there is an open space available and a lot of people to divide in groups. It will not hurt anyone because players will only be shooting beam of infrared lights.

Laser tag is a competitive shooting game that resembles those in the video games but it will require interaction from the players. Every player is equipped with laser tag gun as well as a sensor headband. The players will be shooting at the opponent and they have to aim at the sensors. The game can either be a simple one or a structured type.

Other sports have been compared to laser tag such as paintball and airsoft. The different though is that the equipment used in laser tag can be used in longer ranges. This teamwork and tactics can be applied while making sure everyone is safe and having fun. No players will be harmed because the guns will only be using light beams. Just like any tactical game, laser tag can be easily learned but it takes a lot of practice in order to master. One must have the reflexes, quick response, teamwork, good strategy as well as an athletic outlook.

To start a simple game, all you have to do is divide the players into two groups. Each team must be at the starting point assigned to them which is at both ends of the battlefield. Start with a simple game mode in order to get yourself acquainted with the basic rules and equipment. Make sure that you have learned how to operate the laser tag guns before starting the game. Create a strategy with your teammates in order to be more coordinated and the most important thing to remember is to have fun.

Thailand’s Golf Tourism – A Resilient Industry Amongst Many Other Tourism Market In The Country

Barely three months ago, were bombs detonated in popular resorts in Phuket and Hua Hin on successive dates. It inevitably raised concern and panic, especially among the hospitality and tourism sector. But most importantly they are worried that it will stain the beautiful image of the country as a crowd puller among tourists. After all, Thailand has consistently attracted millions of tourists on a yearly basis, and consistently for decades now. Many golfers that were in the area on a Golf Tour were worried when the incident happened, but organizers in several golf club in Thailand were professional and quick to appease them.

It was a short-lived anxiety and within a few days, there was business as usual, even in the tourism industry. Thailand gets 10,000 golfers per year just from one gold tourism organizer alone. The catch? ‘Golf in a Kingdom’, a golf trail so elite that links the country’s top courses together. A total of seven of these golf club in Thailand, particularly in Hua Hin and Chiang Mai are linked together in ‘Golf in a Kingdom’.

When the bombing incident happened, the golfers just went on golfing. They were assured that the golf course is the safest place at that point, which is true, as the security was tight. The golfers stuck to their golf itineraries because the staff in the golf tour industry were all very professional and reassuring. Aside from the golf tour staff, there was immediate action from the authorities as well. Nothing is more reassuring than the authorities making it feel safe and sound, as per a tourist visiting from Australia. Justin Brown who is from Melbourne also added that if he had visited Thailand few days after the bombing and nobody told him about it, he wouldn’t have noticed such an incident have happened as the police were doing a great job. Paul Dean, who was from Perth, also agreed with Brown. Mark Siegel, an American who moved to Thailand in 2005 and owned a golf tour business, said that in the last decade that he stayed in Thailand, he noticed that the people are always resilient and quick to shrug off unfortunate events to move on. The country set itself a steep goal of 33 million Tourist visit for 2016, and as of this writing, the Tourism Authority of Thailand said they are still on track to meet the projection.


3 How To Find The Right Bondi Hairstylist

For most people, the hair is the crowning glory and with the right Bondi Hair style, confidence is boosted and you get that all day feel-good air when your hair properly taken care of. Proper hairdressing promotes not just confidence but anyone with impressive hairstyle looks chic and trendy. However, not all hairdressers can deliver the exact look that you want to have. It takes training and experience to provide customers the hair that they want to wear for a time. To find the right hairstylist for your preferred do, take a look at the following ideas:

Offers more numerous hairstyling services

Look for a hair styling salon that offers more services than the average salons. It would be best if you choose one that can also personalize their service such as giving you the right hairstyle for the type of hair you have including treatment plans for damaged hair. Choose a hairstyling salon that does not generalize their service. Every service should be suitable to the needs and wants of the customer.


Another important consideration when choosing for a Bondi Hair styling salon should be their expertise. You will not know if the hair stylists are experts enough by looking at their faces. However, you can get this information by looking at their website or by visiting their salon. If you see that they were given awards, it means that they are experts in the field and that they have undergone proper and regular training to obtain recognitions. Apart from awards and recognition, it would be best if you would choose a hair salon that is recommended by local magazines and other similar outlets.

Positive Feedback from Customers

You should also look for a Bondi Hair styling salon that has more positive feedback from their customers. Find out what their customers have to say about their service by visiting their website. If there are more thumbs up than thumbs down, then they most likely provide better service than their competitors. Entrust your hairstyle to hair stylist that are more trusted by the people in the area. Find one today.


How To Decide When A Tree Needs To Be Removed

When a tree on your property develops some problems, it is mostly hard to decide when to have the tree removed.

During the process of deciding if a tree removal needs to be done, there are questions that need to be addressed as well as weighing the advantages and disadvantages.


Is the tree a desirable species?

Some undesirable ones include Siberian elm (shown below), black locust, mulberry, box elder, poplars, Norway maple, Bradford pear, mimosa, tree of heaven, willows and empress tree. Characteristics making them undesirable include a weak wood that is prone to repeated breakage, shallow roots, large debris or insect infestation.


How damaged is the tree?

If the damage is fifty percent, it should probably be removed. Even though a tree in decline can survive for years, it will always have that abnormal appearance and growth.


Is there damage in its trunk?

Seams, vertical cracks, older wounds and dead branch stubs indicate internal decay. Severe damage means removal. When the damage is less than twenty-five percent of the trunk’s circumference, the wound can slowly heal over time with no permanent injuries resulting from it.


Is the tree already hollow?

If one-third of the tree’s interior is rotten or hollow, it should probably be removed.


Are there big dead tree branches?

When less than twenty-five percent of the branches are damaged, the tree may survive. Rubbing or crossed branches should be eliminated.


Has there been any excavation causing root damage?

When fifty percent of its root system is badly damaged, it should probably be removed.


Is the tree already leaning?

When it is leaning fifteen percent and more, it should probably be removed.


What is the environment like for the tree?

This is another crucial factor if tree removal is needed. Trees that grow near bodies of water or on rock ledges usually have shallow roots. Trees which are removed nearby is common after recent construction. Trees suddenly exposed to the sun get really stressed due to sudden exposure. Trees which are spared from the removal during construction mostly die after 3 to 5 years.


These are just a few of the questions to consider. There are many more, and when in doubt, ask advice from a tree services company.

Tips In Renting A Wedding Marquee In Perth

If you are dreaming of an outdoor party, the right marquee will transform any location and can create the perfect ambiance for your wedding day. Here are the things that you should take into consideration when renting a marquee in Perth:

There are three basic marquee styles available for rent – pole, frame and tension. The traditional push-pull marquee comes with a fabric roof and centre poles that are high and assembled in straight line which slopes down in order to meet the shorter poles which acts as support. The tension tent is one of the most popular options for brides as well as vendors because of the high centre poles that feature a sculpted outside look. The minimum width of both types is 30 feet and extensions can be added for additional space. These two also needs a clearance space for set up of about 8 more feet. This is to give enough space for the stakes and rope anchors.

If your wedding venue has a limited space, you should pick a frame tent because it is available in as small as 10 feet. This type of tent is only ideal for small number of guests. If you wanted to have an open air ceremony, make sure that you have a back up tent available in case the weather turns bad.

Most prefer their marquee, no matter the style, to have sidewalls so it can be rolled up in case ventilation is needed and it can be rolled down too if wind or rain needs to be kept out. If you prefer to have privacy, a solid white vinyl material is perfect while clear vinyl makes you viewable from the outside.

The last thing you should consider when hiring a Marquee in Perth is the flooring. There are three options to choose from – plain ground, full floor and partial floor reserved for dancing. Using the ground as is could be the cheapest alternative but the guests might not be comfortable walking on it with heels and it can get dirty in case of rain.