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What Is A Card Management System?

Management is everything when it comes to managing your own business and if you are in the business of card printing, you will need a systematic card management system. AndRead More >

How To Choose Airport Transfers In Thailand

Google the word Thailand and you would find loads of information about this beautiful country. With so much to see and things to buy, why waste your time in anRead More >

How To Choose The Best Size For Your Canvas

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right size for your canvas used in DIY, when you are on the process of making your gallery wall or even inRead More >

How To Find Best Tasting Chicken Wings Marina Bay

Singapore is filled with hawkers and restaurants for you to choose from. However, if you want to enjoy the view and best tasting meals, look for restaurants that offer chickenRead More >

Exploring Tokyo on Foot


The best part of traveling is opening your heart and mind to new experiences. You will meet different people and you will experience various cultures. Travelling however can also become a challenge because you have to ensure that you do not get lost during your tour around a city.

I arrived in Japan on a Friday afternoon and after the long flight I was just too eager to get out of the airport and experience the city of Tokyo. My friend James was patiently waiting for me and we quickly got out of the overcrowded airport to take a bus to where he lives. All around us were thousands of cars and people and it was simply overwhelming.

James accompanied me on the tour around the city. I don’t think I am prepared to face the challenge of visiting Tokyo alone because I would surely get lost in the huge crowd. We walked to the Imperial Gardens and then to the Ginza Shopping Market where we ate a late breakfast at a tiny Ramen Noodle restaurant that tasted authentically Japan.

From there we took a bus to the other side of Tokyo that looks almost like New York Times Square at its busiest. There we met with some of James friends so that we can try the hundreds of vending machines that we found in almost every corner of the arcade. We also tried some of the video games and paid for an hour at a private karaoke booth.

Afterwards, we ate at one of restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisine. The meal was typical Japanese with sushi, oysters, rice with miso soup and tempura. Without much hesitation, I grabbed my chopsticks and started on the sushi. It tastes different from the sushi served in Japanese restaurants back home.

What Is A Card Management System?

Management is everything when it comes to managing your own business and if you are in the business of card printing, you will need a systematic card management system. And since the business of card printing is growing at a rapid rate, now is definitely the right time for you to be systemized. To begin with, you’re probably scratching your head and asking yourself: “What is a card management system?” A card management system, known as CMS for short, is commonly used in back offices for creation and monitoring of card being issued by a specific business. It’s a software that is connected to both front and back offices of a business to allow constant control from both sides. Most CMSs used worldwide are highly complex in terms of security features plus the mere fact that the system itself uses different codes from different programming languages to ensure its authenticity. Now, CMSs are different from one another.


This type of system is complex to some in terms of detailed functions but the basic are easy to understand. Below are the functions a normal CMS can do:

  • It allows registration of new cards. This includes securing personal data from individuals who wished to avail cards from a specific business.
  • It allows verification of data being encoded into the cards. This is highly critical especially for credit cards.
  • When the registration and verification processes are done, a good CMS enables back offices to issue cards right away. This will be useful for issuing identification cards.
  • This specific system includes the function of managing personal and card data being stored into the CMS. It also enables security of data to prevent stolen data and identity theft.
  • It enables administration of cards and data and, reporting of any suspicious data. This is also essential for credit cards.
  • CMS also manages lifecycle of cards.


Understanding what a card management system and what its capabilities is crucial for any business. It’s like choosing a life support for the cards that are being issued by your business. More importantly, it’s also critical that the CMS itself will be operable by you or someone you can trust. Otherwise, it’s pointless to get a CMS and not being able to operate it.

How To Choose Airport Transfers In Thailand

Google the word Thailand and you would find loads of information about this beautiful country. With so much to see and things to buy, why waste your time in an uncomfortable and cramped coach journey or public transport; when you can choose to reserve your own private and air conditioned car with ample space. However, do the same you’d also find many choices for airport transfers in Thailand so here are some tips that you may want to consider when choosing which company to go with.

  1. Choose your ride – One of the major things to consider when choosing a car rental company for airport transfers is the type of vehicle that the company offers. Look for one that can offer you a wide selection to choose from so you can select a model that is suited to your needs. If you’re a couple, perhaps you’d like an open top car to enjoy the scenery, or if you’re a family of five, perhaps a minivan would be more comfortable. Whatever your options are, your transfer service provider should be able to provide the perfect solution for you.
  2. Do you have the moolah? – Airport transfers are not cheap and you don’t want to spend the very beginning of your holiday or business trip trying to haggle your way. So before you even arrive the country and place a reservation, it’s probably best to compare the different packages available and check which deal would help you to save the most money. Consider your needs and eliminate items in the offer that you do not require. For example, if you would not need lunch provided, remove it from the booking’s summary of inclusions. Your transfer service should be able to cater to every budget, without compromising on style.
  3. Driving skills – One of the things you should check is the skills or level of expertise your chauffeur has. It is important to know that your driver is fully qualified to drive you by asking questions like how long have they been in the business, what are some of the routes they plan to take (if it is a long journey) and the most important of all, whether he or she is licensed.
  4. Customer satisfaction – Last but not least, you may want to check customer reviews before booking your transfer service while searching for Airport transfers in Thailand. Customers who are satisfied with the services provided would take the time to write a review (and also vice versa!) and these ratings are usually quite accurate and trustworthy. Try searching on TripAdvisor or local forums and discussion boards for more reviews.

How To Choose The Best Size For Your Canvas

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right size for your canvas used in DIY, when you are on the process of making your gallery wall or even in the simple choice of frame for the new pictures that you have taken. There are a lot of factors that should be considered because it is not ideal to purchase something that is too big or too small while you may also choose too tall or too wide a frame. Before you go out and hunt for the best frame or canvas, you should decide first on the best size that will be ideal for your space. Here are some of the widely used sizes for canvases.

  • 10” x 8”. These sizes are the most popular when it comes to gallery wall projects, accessory for bookcase or a small desk and in small hallways. The size is versatile that is why it can be used in a number of artwork such as a family photo or a favorite image you found online you can just easily trim to get the right fit.
  • 10” x 14”. This is best for artwork that will be printed matted and will take your project to the next level. This size has enough space that it can be used for photo collage. If you have four 5”x7” photographs, this will fit right into the canvas.
  • 12”x12”. If your photograph is large but your wall space is limited, it is ideal to use this size. The size is best for either a single image printed in a large size or a number of small ones for a collage. Unlock your creativity to make the most of this size.
  • 24”x10”. This shape might look odd but you can do a lot more with this size. This is ideal for unique spaces inside the home such as the headboard on the bedroom, the mantle or at the top of the kitchen stovetop. The canvas will be beautiful to pair with a large family portrait or a panoramic view of the city. You can easily avail of cheap canvas prints and not spend a lot to have a new wall décor at home.

How To Find Best Tasting Chicken Wings Marina Bay

Singapore is filled with hawkers and restaurants for you to choose from. However, if you want to enjoy the view and best tasting meals, look for restaurants that offer chicken wings in Marina Bay. If you are not sure how, here are some ideas.

Search the internet

Restaurants, sports bars and must-try food in any country or city can be easily found over the internet. You can either make use of app installations or you can just type in relevant keywords on the search engine’s search bar and you would be directed to various restaurants and dining places around Singapore or in any other specific area that you prefer. If it is your first time in Singapore or if you are not too familiar with the best dining areas in Marina Bay, turn on your data and you will find the best restaurants around.

Read review sites

The good thing about reading third party websites is that most of them are written by costumers who would like to share their experiences or ideas with you. You can find interesting discussion in forums and discussion boards about chicken wings in Marina Bay and you can also share your experience after you have ate in a particular restaurant. There are specific sites that provide advisory and ratings on restaurants, hotels and services and you can make use of these sites to get useful information. Sites like TripAdvisor offer rich information about travel and accommodation.

Ask the hotel staff

One of the key sources of information about Singapore is the hotel staff. If you are not sure how to go about the area, ask the front desk or even the room boys and other staff. They would teach you how to get to the nearest transportation hub and how to get to a particular spot using the most efficient and fastest transportation mode. Aside from that, you can also ask from the staff where you can find chicken wings in Marina Bay and where you can probably enjoy a few drinks and marvel the breath-taking night view along Marina Bay.

Unlimited Shopping Experience In Bangkok

When Bangkok becomes the topic of a conversation, what immediately comes to mind is street food; however, the capital city of Thailand is also a shopper’s paradise. Beyond the abundance of shopping malls that sell affordable clothing and accessories, there are also local markets offering almost the same merchandise.

If you are currently billeted in a hotel in Sukhumvit, some shopping malls are within walking distance; however, you also have the option to try the tuk-tuk for a unique experience. In Bangkok, you will find cheap bargains as long as you are willing to suffer the heat in the market.

Chatuchak Market or JJ Market is open during mornings from Friday to Sunday. From Silom, it will take you 30 minutes to reach JJ Market by taxi. Fare is approximately 200 Baht. You can also take the MRT or BTS to Chatuchak Park. The discounts are worth the inconvenience of travel and suffering the stuffy and hot market.

The drawback however, it is the overwhelming amount of choices making it rather daunting to pick the best. Decide before you buy but make sure you do not leave the stall otherwise you may never find it again. Even if you think that a bag is cheap, do not be ashamed to haggle to get the best price.

If you prefer a well ventilated shopping mall, try Union Mall where merchandise is cheap but has better quality. You will find great items which you can bring home as souvenirs for family and friends. Rod Fai Market is most likely further from your hotel in Sukhumvit but you can take a taxi and pay 300 baht. The interior is quite cool and you will find rows upon rows of tents offering an assortment of items. After you are done with shopping, you can fall in line at the food stall selling noodles.

A good experience awaits you at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit. Aside from the convenience of the location where you have easy access to the airport, public transport, shopping malls and entertainment, the guest rooms feature all the modern amenities that you are used to.

What To Expect From A Luxury Yacht

A Luxury Yacht is more like a cruise ship experience but on an exclusive scale with tailored services specifically for you. You don’t have to ease your way through the crowd or go to islands and places that you do not fancy visiting because you can customize your itinerary. If you are thinking about going on a luxury cruise on a chartered yacht, these are some of the things that you can expect.

Customized service

Luxury yachts normally have offered activities inclusive of the package. Some of these activities may include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, wakeboarding and many more. However, if there are other activities that you would like to include or replaced on their offered activities, you can ask the crew and see how services can be made available for you. You may want to include parasailing or request for a specific menu during your trip. It all depends on you and the crew would be more than happy to assist you.

Exclusive luxurious amenities

When you charter a Luxury Yacht you also get the amenities found in a 5 star hotel. You can expect to find plush towels, fine wines and bars, lines, fine toiletries, iPod docks and other exclusive amenities. Just like in luxurious hotel accommodations, you can opt for yachts that are exclusively for couples, a family or group of friends. Find charter company that offers yachts in different sizes and one that offers bundled deals to lower your expenses.

Dedicated crew

Another positive point of a luxury yacht is it comes with a dedicated crew to cater to your needs during the trip. You have a personal butler, chef and crew, not to mention a qualified captain who knows where to dock the yacht for a stunning view. You can request for special menu or barbeque and the butler or chef will prepare it for you.

Exciting activities

The highlight of a Luxury Yacht is not just the yacht experience but also the enjoyable water activities that you can do therein. Check the website of your target charter company to view the exciting activities they offer while on cruise.

More Value For Your Dollar In Thailand

Thailand is one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world because there is more value for the dollar. If you are on a budget, the favorable exchange rates will help you enjoy an exciting vacation. However, before you proceed with the travel plans, it is important to make sure that you hit the ground running.

Most if not everybody starts the holiday in Bangkok. Be patient, do not be in rush and allow yourself a day or two to soak up the city’s vibrant environment. Street food is abundant in Bangkok and they are high quality and extremely delicious but it is important to be cautious. Choose the stalls where there are crowds because it means faster turnover and fresher food.

If you plan to shop in Thailand, make sure you are aware that not everything is genuine. You will find the best prices for clothing, souvenirs, bags, etc. but learn to haggle. The first amount that will be quoted by the vendor is not the final price. If you practice your skills at haggling, the price could come down by a third.

If you have travelled the world, you certainly know that there are dishonest people anywhere you go. Thailand is not an exemption which means you always have to be vigilant. Don’t put your trust to strangers. Make sure you agree on a price before you ride the tuk tuk to explore the city. Don’t mind the taxi driver who recommends a better destination because he might be after a commission.

Always respect the culture of the Thais particularly the sacred images of Buddha and the King of Thailand. Make sure to dress appropriately before entering a sacred temple. No tank tops, sleeveless blouses or shorts and no flip flops. Some temples usually allow you to borrow appropriate clothing but of course, somebody else has worn them before you.

Because of Thailand’s flourishing tourism industry, you will never encounter difficulty finding a room. There are hostels and guesthouses for the budget conscious; however, if you are willing to spend more, you can enjoy the best deal at modern 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit that is near public transport.