July, 2018

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Experiencing Hell fire Pass Through Audio Visual Equipment 

The Hell fire Museum was created to commemorate the prisoners of war and Allies who suffered and died during the construction of ทางรถไฟสายมรณะthat connects to the rail system of Thailand. Visitors will enjoy the opportunity to use audio visual equipment as they as they descend to the Hell fire Pass.

The Hell fire Pass or Konyu Cutting was the deepest and longest cutting that had to be made in the Thailand-Burma Railway. The men using crude tools had to cut through a hill to make way for trains to pass. The men were severely malnourished with most of them suffering from illnesses and maltreatment. The oppressive violence was exacerbated by the changes in weather conditions and monsoon rains.

Cutting through a rock was laborious and slow because the men were only using hammers and man made drills. Maximum pressure was applied on the men and they were forced to work even during the night with torches lighting the way. Japanese guards kept on screaming at the men to speed up their work. The Japanese Imperial Army was in a hurry because they have to send support to troops in Burma.

Cholera swept through the groups that were working on the railway. Doctors were forced to come so that they can treat the victims and contain the dreaded disease. The dead were cremated on funeral pyres that burned all through the day and night from May to June. Doctors were forced to undertake major medical procedures with only rudimentary medical equipment. There were no medical supplies so that the doctors have to be innovative to help the sick men.

Asian labourers were also recruited and their plight was worse than the prisoners. They were hit hard by cholera and most of them died on the railway. There were no exact figures on the number of deaths but estimates reveal that at least 90,000 died.

Every year at dawn of April 25 which is Anzac Day, a ceremony is held to remember the men who died in the construction of ทางรถไฟสายมรณะthat connects to Thailand. The ceremony is usually attended by the relatives of the deceased and tourists from other countries particularly Australia and New Zealand.

The Growth Of Tourism In Thailand

Many business travellers go to Viet Tri in Vietnam because it is an industrial city and the center of PhuTho province’s economy. Roads are being renovated and upgraded to ensure the convenience of transportation without traffic jams. In terms of accommodations, there is lake view hotel in Viet Tri with each guest room having its own charming personality.

In the past, tourists will never dare go to Vietnam because it is associated with war and sufferings; however, today, Vietnam is a popular tourist destination. Vietnam’s attractions include mountains, rain forests, fine beaches, ethnic minorities, spectacular rock formations and temples. In PhuTho, there is the Hung Pagoda where people worship the Hung King. According to popular myth, the Hung Kings were the first kings of Vietnam that chose PhuTho as the first capital.

The Vietnamese are generally hospitable to tourists because the Vietnamese government launched a campaign that encourages the people to smile more and be friendlier to foreigners. In 2012, there were more than 6.8 million international arrivals, a 13% increase from the previous year. The increase in tourists was more likely due to the online reviews from tourists who experienced different adventure sports like fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Vietnam is the destination of business travellers but surprisingly, backpackers started to arrive in droves. In recent years, the largest number of arrivals came from Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Nowadays, you see will see American and German tourists but they are outnumbered by backpackers.

Many Japanese female tourists are attracted by shopping trips because there is plenty to buy for very cheap prices. In fact, airlines and tour agencies have upgraded their services to appeal to Japanese tourists. However, one thing that tourists complain about is the lack of nightlife and entertainment.

The increase in tourism in Vietnam has been very impressive but it came at high cost. For example, a great of investment was required to build luxury hotels like lake view hotel in Viet Tri with the stylish design and the latest technology to attract business travellers. Since Viet Tri is an industrial city, hotels have to pay particular attention to meeting and conference venues.