October, 2016

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Foreign Investment In Thailand’s Property Market

After enjoying a brief holiday in Thailand, many people are encouraged to invest in property. It is very easy to make an investment decision after experiencing a tropical climate, culinary delights, hospitable locals and miles of beautiful beaches. However, it is important to be properly knowledgeable about property acquisition in Thailand before you get carried away by your emotions.

For the past decade, many foreigners have expressed their wishes to own property in Pattaya because the prices are more affordable compared to other places around the world. Retirees who want to leave behind the bitter cold of their countries during winter opt for a second home in Thailand where they will enjoy sunshine and warm climate all year around. Retirees certainly wish for a more relaxing life after years of stressful work and Pattaya is among the most ideal places to set up permanent residence.

However, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand but they can invest in condos. Based on the 1979 Thailand Condominium Act, a foreigner can invest in a condo in any place in Thailand that he desires to as long as the building has not sold 49% of its foreign quota. This means that ownership of 51% must remain with the local Thais with the remaining 49% allowed for foreign investment.

Since Thailand banks do not generally give out loans to foreigners even for the purpose of property investment, a foreigner has to ensure that funds used for the purchase of a condo must be brought to Thailand from overseas. Even if the mortgage is obtained from a local Thai bank, money still needs to come from overseas meaning that the money used to pay for the investment will be in foreign currency whether in US dollars, pounds or Euros.

However, if you are local Thai who has settled down and is planning to start a family, the best option is to look at house for sale Pattaya. Even if the house does not have the luxury of swimming pool or fitness area similar to those found in high rise condominiums, your living space will be significantly larger and you will enjoy landscaping your own garden.


Health Insurance Company Ventures Into Content Marketing Highlighting Fathers

Mahlab Media, a content marketing firm, recently developed a digital hub for HBF which is a health insurance company based in Washington. The aim of the content marketing is to create a stronger connection with expectant dads and daddies that are struggling with their new status.

The website is called Direct Advice for Dads with contents that are specifically made to provide helpful information and assistant to the new dad – the other parent.

It is the first time that HBF will be venturing into content marketing and they have been planning this for more than a year already.

According to Andrew Walton, manager of media and communication, HBF desires to create an audience with a target group of individuals which are the new dads. This is because they have found that they are currently in a state of under representation and they are already at the point in their adult life where they might want to consider purchasing a health insurance.

He also said that it is common for individuals to start thinking about health insurance once they have established their own family. Walton added that the initial goal of the content marketing is to create an audience that will have a loyal membership to the company and when it comes to selling it will not be a hard thing to accomplish for them. The product information will be shown as an event when there is a story regarding health insurance.

He revealed that even the branding placed on the site is very discreet. All the contents on the website will be authored by dads who have been through the same experience to make it more realistic and authentic and for the audience to be able to connect because they basically speak the same language. HBF also made it sure that there will be less health related information because there are already a lot of it found online and it is also a way for the health insurer to stand out among the rest.

HBF will keep track of their content marketing and its success through the traffic generated and the repeat visitors as well as the number of subscribers.

Why Should You Stay In A Hotel?

If you are looking to travel for business or pleasure, staying in a hotel is the most comfortable and easiest option for accommodation. Hotels are designed to provide the needs of their clients when it comes to lodging and hospitality services in return for fees. They offer guests amenities that are available inside the premises and will surely make the stay luxurious and hassle-free.

Hotels have many features that make it the most preferred type of accommodation by travelers. It has security, comfort as well as luxury. Convenience is often felt even from the booking process since guests have the option to do it online and not use cash at all. Guests may book before going to the hotel or they can walk in and book a room at the same day they are staying. There are advantages when booking ahead of time since there are discounts when hotel rooms are reserved a few days before the travel or even months. Reservation can be done online through the hotel’s website or it can be accomplished over the phone. Walk-in guests are normally those who do not have enough time to search for a hotel before their travel. There are meticulous guests that prefer to check the actual room before checking in for the first time that is why they prefer to walk-in rather than reserve ahead of time. Hotels are preferred because other accommodations do not accept walk-in customers or they do not have a staff assigned at the reception 24 hours.

It is common for hotels to have 24 hour security. It makes the guests feel safer to walk around the vicinity of the hotel. One of the amenities that most hotel guests enjoy is the room service that is available round the clock. They can order food whenever they like without having to go out or order for takeout.

If you are looking for a hotel near bumrungrad hospital then there a number of options and it is an advantage to stay in a hotel near a hospital if the guests is known to be ill and might require assistance immediately.