September, 2016

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Tips In Assembling An Appropriate Corporate Gift Basket

Selecting the appropriate corporate gift is serious stuff. Many companies traditionally prepare gifts for their clients in order to strengthen a business relationship and to maintain good rapport. However, buying gifts is not as easy as it seems particularly for overseas clients because they might have different customs and traditions. It is important to undertake a research so as not to offend and alienate a loyal client.

Tips in selecting the appropriate Christmas gift basket

  1. Gift baskets that contain an assortment of edible and non-perishable goodies are an ideal choice because they do not send any inappropriate message to the recipient. A variety of delicious easy-to-eat treats will be appreciated. Who can say no to a bar of chocolate? It is completely irresistible.
  2. The gift basket can include a company logo but it should not be so ostentatious to be considered as advertising.
  3. It is alright for businesses to choose luxurious items but not jewelry, lingerie or perfumes.
  4. It is important to enclose a card that will identify the sender to ensure that the gift will pass strict security measures. Gifts from unknown and mysterious senders may arouse questions.
  5. Know the traditions of the recipient’s country to avoid committing a serious faux de pas. For example, if the client is a Muslim, it is best to avoid giving Christmas baskets that contain alcoholic drinks. In America, Canada, Europe and Australia, gifts related to business and hobbies are more appropriate.
  6. A fruits basket is more than appreciated and it does not violate any dietary laws. Make sure though that the fruits basket will be delivered immediately to make sure it remains fresh and delicious.
  7. Always stay within a reasonable budget so as not to send a wrong message.

A better option for companies is Christmas hamper baskets from online retailers that put together high quality items suitable for the holiday season. You only need to decide on a theme and budget so that a chrsitmas hamper can be prepared to your requirements. You can also check out the range of items available from the website to ensure that your gift basket will contain something special for the recipient.