April, 2016

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Minimalist Interior Design Ideas You Should Know About If You Like To Keep Things Simple

Interior design plays a large role in a household. So if you have just recently bought a house and want to make a few changes, then you should definitely upgrade your new home’s interior design. Making a few positive changes in your home’s interior design can surely benefit you in many ways. From improving your health to enhancing your productivity and even increasing the value of your property, working on your interior design can do all that and more.

When working with interior design, most people tend to add more. For them, the more stuff they can add the better. But there are also a lot of people that likes to keep things simple and at a minimum so if you are a minimalist looking to improve on your interior design, you should know that minimalistic design has a lot to explore and are strong shaped and simple.

In minimalistic interior design, you should know that minimalists don’t actually want bigger space. Instead, what they are looking for is ‘open’ space. Avoid using walls to divide a room. What you can do instead is to use low cabinets, book cases or even tables.

Minimalists also love good lighting, especially natural light. For this reason, it is important that you focus on your windows and add a mirror to effectively scatter the natural light across the room. If you’re up for it, you could also add a few accent lights to make your rooms more sophisticated looking.

For wall colours, minimalists like neutral colours like brown. Beige or cream but you can also use bold and daring colours for an art accent and make your room look sophisticated.

It is common sense to find minimalist furniture design and texture. Go for simple furniture with not too many details on them. Avoid curves. For the flooring, you can use wood, tile, linoleum, natural stone or a combination of these things for an accent.

Lastly, you should know that minimalists often avoid ornaments as they want to keep things strong shaped and simple.

If you think you would be unable to achieve a minimalist design, then why not hire professional help from an interior design company in Bangkok to make sure you get what you truly want and achieve that minimalist design that you desire.

Ferrari Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

One of the most recognizable brands in the world, Ferrari has become an industry leader when it comes to the automotive industry. Dubbed as the most powerful brand in the world by Brand Finance, Ferrari boasts a colorful history and has produced top-caliber cars for over 70 years now.

Ferrari has been around for a very long time and has been known to produce a rich line of luxury sports cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari and the new Ferrari 488 Spider.

If you are a Ferrari owner then you probably know a lot about the company. But even with its fame, there are some things about the company that most people don’t know about. Here are some interesting facts about Ferrari that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Every element of a Ferrari car is customizable. What most people don’t know about the company is that it has a “Tailor Made” program that would allow their buyers to personalize every component of their chosen Ferrari car. But this program only happens at the factory in Maranello. There you’d be able to choose from three available collections namely Scuderia (racing-based collections), Classica (modernized interpretations of the classic GT), and Inedita (multiple and out-of-the box combinations.) You can basically choose anything from colors, accessories to interior trims and finishes. However, once you have chosen your car and made the personalization, you will be receiving your car in 2 years time.
  2. The Ferrari Team had won more than 5000 sanctioned races. According to Ferrari, their drivers have won more than 5,000 trophies ever since their first victories in 1947.
  3. Cars are not the only thing that Ferrari sells. If you think that Ferrari only works on automobiles then you are mistaken. Throughout their 30 outposts around the world, the Ferrari Company makes about $1.5 billion every year in retail sales. They sell items like Ferrari-logoed clothes, sunglasses, watches, mobile phone covers and even shoes. And these products also cost a fortune. In fact, their Ferrari F14T scale model car alone is priced at $5,400.
  4. Ferrari has a theme park in Abu Dhabi. You probably didn’t expect that, did you? The Ferrari World was first opened in 2010 in Abu Dhabi and is known as the world’s largest indoor theme park and hosts the world’s fastest roller coaster at 150 mph. They also boast family friendly rides and attractions.

The Importance Of Personalizing Your Wedding Favors

Many couples often overlook the importance of personalizing their wedding favors. A wedding favor is a special token of gratitude for all the people who in one way or another have helped make the day special. On the other hand, it has been become quite common among guests to ignore the wedding favor and simply stash them in a corner cabinet to be forgotten. This is particularly true if the wedding favor is especially tacky.

A perfect wedding favor is relevant to the theme of the wedding.  If the wedding is held on the beach or a garden, it is a good idea to choose a wedding favor that has a special significance to the venue. A wedding favor with nature as backdrop is often pretty enough to be displayed. Another option is a potted plant that contains the couple’s names including the wedding date. Wedding guests are bound to keep this type of wedding favor because it can grow into beautiful flowers with just a little water and sunshine.

However, if you cannot decide on an ideal wedding favor for your loved ones and friends, you cannot go wrong by personalizing some practical items like mugs, wine glasses, bags of chocolate and scented candles. Personalizing your wedding favors mean a lot to your guests because the significance of the gift to the wedding day is very evident.

For example, a useful gift to remember the amazing day is personalized glassware. There are personalized wine glasses that can be distributed during the reception. It can serve as part of the table decorations during reception together with the flowers and candles. Monogrammed gifts are pleasing to both genders and they are practical gifts that guests will be eager to bring home.

Monogrammed Gifts always look fabulous and they can be used as tokens for various events. For instance, monogrammed glasses can be given away during bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, girl’s night out and anniversaries. Wine glasses are inexpensive and it takes only a few minutes to put that special monogram. However, there are online retailers who are too willing to do the monogramming for a very affordable cost.

Going Green And Healthy With Reusable Water Bottles

It is true that the US has access to the cleanest drinking water (probably because of the strict regulations in tap water) but despite this, it is still the leading consumer of bottled water in the world. What’s bad about this is that since more people are growing concern over the planet and are shifting towards sustainable living, the use of disposable water bottles and even its production has raised many concerns.

According to recent studies, Americans use about 50 billion water bottles each year and that amount is continuously climbing. The sad part is that about 23% (38 billion) of this 50 billion get to be recycled once they’ve done their part. Think about all the landfills that would be filled with plastic bottles and the pollution that comes with it.

But the environment isn’t the only one affected by this. Economically, if you produce more than $1 billion worth of plastic waste each year, you would also be wasting about 912 million gallons of oil. Luckily, there is a way to avoid that. When you use reusable water bottles, you would definitely help reduce plastic production and waste and would thus help the environment. The Disney film Wall-E gives people a glimpse of what would happens when the world is filled with trash and waste reduction has become more imperative since plastic takes about hundreds of years to decompose.

There are people who buy disposable bottled water because they believe that it is safer than tap water and taste better. But in reality, your so-called safer and tastier water is just merely filtered tap water from a city near you so there isn’t really that much difference. In fact, tap water is even better regulated than bottled water. Tap water is regulated by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which tests the waters daily for chemicals and bacteria while bottled water is regulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which only conducts weekly testing.

By using reusable water bottles, you’ll definitely not only help the environment, you are also helping your wallets. You’d definitely save more by just refilling your water bottle than having to pay for a disposable one.

3 Different Ways You Can Use To Unclog Drains

It doesn’t take a genius to find out his drains are clogged. Remember, if your plumbing has a problem, there will always be signs. For clogged drains, you would first see water pooling around your feet while you’re taking a shower. Sometime later, you would notice a very unpleasant odor. Once you are aware of these signs, and have opted not to take action against it, you would just wake up one morning and realize you have a clogged drain. The problem with clogged drains is that if you ignore them, then they might cause your pipes to burst.

The first thing that you can try to do is to remove all the trapped hair and gunk that had built up in the drain. If it does not work, then you can always try using liquid plumber. If that doesn’t work as well, then you can use the plunger. But if that fails as well, don’t lose hope. There are still a lot of ways to fix your blocked drains.

  1. Bent Wire Hanger. One of the most simple and effective ways to clear out your drains is by using a regular wire coat hanger and straightening the best you can. After that, bend one end of the wire into a hook then you can start using the wire hanger to reach into the drain and pull the gunk out. Remember, the goal is to pull the material stuck inside and not push it deeper into the drain.
  2. Baking soda + Vinegar. A traditional method of unclogging drains, mix a third of a cup of baking soda with a third of a cup of vinegar then pour the mixture down the drain quickly. Since the mixture would fizz, this reaction would greatly help in removing the built up gunk inside the drain. Allow it to stay there for over an hour or even overnight then flush with hot water.
  3. Wet and Dry Shop Vacuum. One of the best ways to unclog a drain is by using a wet and dry shop vacuum to suck all the water out along with the built up debris.

If these don’t work, then maybe it’s time for some comprehensive drain inspection from your local plumber.

Effective HVAC Tips To Help You Save On Your Energy Bills During Summer


Summer, the season of the sun where a lot of people travel to beaches and to countries that offer the tropical experience however, it is also that time of the year where people fight off the intense heat and stay as cool as possible. Fortunately, there is one home system that helps you stay comfortable and cool at home. The HVAC system’s job is to regulate the indoor air and make it more convenient for the people living inside the house. During the summer, the HVAC system, particularly the air cooling component, would turn the hot air inside your house cooler.

However, the problem is, during the summer (and even winter) the HVAC system tends to work a little bit harder than usual and because of this, it would consume more energy than it should which would eventually find its way onto your energy bills. But there are some ways that you can use to save money on energy without sacrificing too much of your comfort, here they are.

  1. Replace your old air conditioner. Why is this necessary? Well, if you replace your old barely-maintained model with an energy-star model that uses up to 50 percent less energy, you would definitely be able to save money. While the costs for replacing your air conditioner may be a bit of a pain, in the long run it would be well worth it.
  2. Replace your air filters every month. This is because when the air filters get clogged and dirty, they not only cause the system to work more, they can also affect the quality of the air and even your health.
  3. Shelter your HVAC unit from the sun. You can use a tree as it can provide shelter. Doing this can help cut on energy costs and help the unit work smoothly. However, you should also be careful as plants can get into the unit and damage it.
  4. Think smart. What does heat do inside the house? It rises to the ceiling and if you want to make it leave the house faster, you can do that by using fans. Remember, good air circulation can help maintain a balanced temperature.


Also, if you think there is a problem with your system, don’t wait for it to get worse. Call HVAC services immediately so they can make a clear diagnosis and fix the problem for you.