March, 2016

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Common Yoga Mistakes That Beginners Often Make

Mistakes are there to help people learn. If you’re not learning from your mistakes then something is clearly wrong. The same goes in yoga. Remember even the most skillful of yogis have had to make and learn from their mistakes to get to the level they are now. Yoga can be hard but it is also rewarding. In the long run, the benefits would make the experience worthwhile. You are not just bettering your body you are also improving your life in all aspects. Yoga can have profound effects on both the mind and body but in order to achieve these benefits, you must persist, be patient and be consistent in your practice. When you make mistakes, strive to learn from them.

For beginners, mistakes are a common thing. But as they move on and progress, they’ll be able to improve on their practice. Here are some of the most common yoga mistakes that most beginners commit.

  1. Keeping their shoes on. Yes, on your first day of class you may want to look your best and look good. People always want to impress people. Above all that, they want to impress themselves. But with yoga, seeing as you’d have less clothing options to choose from that would impress other people you’d most likely focus on your shoes. The problem is, in yoga, there is a strict ‘no shoe’ rule. When practicing yoga, you’d eventually learn that you have to have your arms, feet and body on the floor at varying times. So before you join the class, make sure you’ve hidden you shoes away for safekeeping.
  2. Keeping their cell phones on. Cell phones can be very distractive, not only for you but for the entire class. As much as possible, do not bring your cell phones to class. If not, try to hide it in your bag and put it on silent mode.
  3. Wearing baggy or loose clothing. Tighter clothes are actually better in yoga as there are lots of room open for accidents with baggy clothing.
  4. It’s not good for your self esteem to compare yourself with other people in the class. You may not be as good as some others in the class, but you’ll get there sooner or later so don’t worry about how you’ll look when practicing, worry about how you’ll perform.
  5. Grabbing all the attention. Yes, there are attention whores even in Chiang Mai yoga. So instead of getting the limelight, why not focus on your breathing or meditation? That’ll help clear your mind and possibly cleanse your spirit.

The Benefits You Can Get From Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Standup paddle boarding is considered as one of the most popular water sports of today. In fact, standup paddle boarding or SUP boarding is so popular right now that gear sales for this year have exceeded last year’s gear sales by 200%. People are becoming so drawn into this water sport.

Originating from Australia, this water sport is a combination of kayaking and surfing. When you see someone on the beach who is standing up on a surfboard but is also holding a paddle, then he is definitely SUP boarding. Standup paddle boarding provides numerous benefits to the people who choose to engage in it. Here are some of the following benefits you can get from standup paddle boarding.

  1. The best thing about standup paddle boarding is that it is one of the easiest water sports to engage in. In fact, you don’t have to be an athlete or even be athletic to enjoy this water sport. As long as you have the right gear, you’re good to go. SUP boarding is fit for all people of all ages. Balance may seem to be an issue at first but as you progress and learn, you’ll be able to master the art of SUP boarding.
  2. Shared Activity. SUP boarding can also be shared with your friends and family. Who says that you should have all the fun to yourself? SUP boarding provides the perfect bonding moment for people of all ages.
  3. Through SUP boarding, you will be able to enjoy, relax and explore without having to worry about the stresses of daily life. Forget about the noise of the city. Forget about your inadequacies and problems and entrench yourself in Mother Nature’s calm.
  4. SUP boarding is described as a complete sport because in one session you’d be able to swim, push, paddle, carry and walk. Your body would be in a full workout. From head to toe. You’ll be able to lose weight and improve your physical attributes as well.
  5. Anti-depression. Where else would you feel positive and calm than in nature? SUP boarding can also improve the secretion of serotonin that is responsible for good moods.

Finally, before you engage in this wonderful water sport, make sure to use pro performance SUP boards to maximize your experience.

Understanding The Importance Of Gifts In A Relationship

Have you ever heard a man say he loves to give gifts to his girl? Probably not, there may be only a few men who love to give gifts to their ladies and these men are probably in their late sixties trying to keep their much younger lovers happy. While you may think that giving gifts is excessive or wasteful, during important occasions, they are very important.

If you’re worried how gifts are going to affect your budget, know that you don’t have to give gifts to your special lady all the time. Just during special and somewhat special occasions. If you think giving gifts is a waste of time and money, here are some reasons why giving gifts is important in a relationship.

  1. They make your special someone feel special. There is a reason why your girlfriend special someone. It’s because she makes your life special and it would do you good if you made her feel just that especially during special occasions that warrant special attention and effort. Women have this ability to remember the special things you do for them.
  2. They help your lady calm down during jealous fits. Face it, women are complicated beings. Remember that saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” Well there is a basis for that. Whenever your girlfriend throws a jealous fit because she saw you liking another girl’s picture on Facebook or her friend saw you with an ex, giving the right gift can help her calm down.
  3. They help you say things that words cannot explain. Sometimes it’s hard to explain how you feel and if you are not good with words, the perfect way for you to explain your feelings is by giving your lucky lady a gift. While it may just be a small things, sometimes it’s the little things that you do that matter.
  4. They make you hard to replace. Gifts tell your girlfriend that you are making an effort in your relationship. It tells her that you care enough to make her feel special. And no matter if you give her personalized gifts or homemade ones, the fact is, just by showing effort, it makes you hard to replace.

A Guide To Surviving Family Vacations

Vacations are a great way to relax and rediscover oneself whenever life gets overwhelmingly tiring. Remember that stress is a silent killer and if you live your life doing the same thing every day focusing on work, not only will it affect your physical and mental health, it will also negatively affect the relationships that you have with people, especially your family.

Going on a family vacation will not only allow you to have some fun and see new places, you’ll also be making great new memories with your family. But if you think that your kids are too much for you to handle and that you might not survive the trip, here is how you can:

  1. Make time for yourself. Remember, the point of this vacation is to have fun and relax and you won’t be able to do that if you are always running after your kids. What you should do is to get that sun block lotion, apply it to your skin and lay down under the sun. If you fear for your children then you can just have them engage in children’s activity arranged by the hotel or resort.
  2. Depart early. There can be nothing more stressful than getting left behind by the plane. Leaving the house can be so hard to accomplish if you have children so if you don’t want to experience travel woes, it would be best to leave the house early. When you have a 10 am flight, go to the airport three or two hours early so that you don’t miss boarding the plane. Doing so would help you arrive on time at your Krabi accommodation.
  3. Acknowledge your children’s limits. Know how impatient your kids can be, when they’ll be hungry, when they’ll get tired and when they have to sleep so that you can prepare for that. Remember, you too have your own limits and you all need to get the right amount of sleep and food.
  4. Take pictures and record videos. Documenting happy memories are a part of family vacations. People love looking back, watch old recordings and look at happy photos. So if you are going on a family vacation, make sure to take lots and lots pictures and videos for you to look back on in the coming years.