November, 2014

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Myths Debunked Regarding Weight Loss

There are many claims that one hears when it comes to losing weight such as losing 30 pounds within 30 days or eat whatever you like while losing weight. There are many options when it comes to diet programs and tools but the quality is different from one another. If you are a skeptic, it might be hard to believe many of these claims. This article will discuss more about weight loss, the myths and what the truth behind each one is.

According to myth, fad diets will help a person in losing weight as well as keep it off for a lifetime. The truth is that many fad diets are not the best option when it comes to losing weight especially if you are planning to stay slim forever. Majority of these diets ensure that you will lose weight faster but you have to adhere to a very strict diet by eating less and avoiding certain foods. While there are fad diets that might help you lose some pounds in the beginning, the plan is quite a challenge to follow that many of the people that go through them will give up and eventually gain back the weight they have lost.

According to myth, grain products including pasta, rice and bread help in gaining more fat thus it should be avoided by a person who is trying to lose weight. The truth is that people who consume whole grains are more likely to avoid chronic illnesses compared to those who don’t. It is recommended that half of the grains you consume should be made from whole grains and not pure refined grains.

According to myth, there are people capable of losing weight despite eating whatever they like. The truth is that to lose weight the body must be able to burn faster compared to the rate you take in calorie. There may be people who are able to lose weight despite eating but they use a lot of energy in their physical activities which is a requirement. There are also different factors that affect weight loss in each person including age, lifestyle, genes and medicines taken.

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